All services provided in our store and on the website are owned by and operated by our company, ŞULE MODA GİYİM SAN. VE TİC. LTD. ŞTİ.

Our company may collect personal data for various purposes. Below, it is explained how and in what way the collected personal data is obtained, and how these data are protected.

  1. Collection of Personal Data:

    Personal information of members (name, surname, company information, phone, address, or email addresses, etc.) is collected by our store through various forms and surveys filled out on our store.
  2. Communication and Marketing:

    Our company may send campaign information, new product details, and promotional offers to its members. Members can choose to receive or not receive such information during registration, change this choice in the account information section after logging in, or notify through the link in the informational messages received.
  3. Use of Personal Information:

    Personal information submitted by members electronically is not disclosed to third parties outside the purposes and scope specified in the "User Agreement" with our members.IP addresses are recorded and used by our company to identify system-related problems, resolve issues or disputes related to the services provided, and for rapid resolution of potential issues.
  4. Rights and Responsibilities:

    Our company is committed to keeping confidential information private and secure, taking all necessary measures to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure to third parties.
  5. Credit Card Security:

    Our company prioritizes the security of credit card holders shopping on our websites. Credit card information is not stored in our system. The information is encrypted and sent to the relevant bank for approval.
  6. Mail Order Credit Card Information Security:

    • Information sent to us via mail order is stored by our company according to the principle of confidentiality. This information is held for 60 days to prevent any objections from the bank regarding credit card transactions, and then it is destroyed.
  7. Third-Party Websites and Applications:

    Our store may provide links to other sites within the website. Our company is not responsible for the privacy practices and content of sites accessed through these links.
  8. Exceptions:

    In limited cases, our company may disclose user information to third parties outside the provisions of this Privacy Policy. These cases include legal obligations, compliance with the "User Agreement," and protection of user rights and security.
  9. Email Security:

    Users are advised not to include credit card numbers or passwords in emails sent to our Customer Services regarding any orders. Our company cannot guarantee the security of information transferred via email.
  10. Browser Cookies:Our company may obtain information about users and their use of the website through technical communication files (Cookies). These files facilitate the use of the Internet by storing status and preferences related to the site.

Our company reserves the right to change the provisions of this "Privacy Policy" at any time by publishing it on the site or by notifying users by email. If the Privacy Policy provisions change, they will be effective from the date of publication.

For any questions or suggestions regarding our privacy policy, you can send an email to [email protected] or contact us using the following contact information:

  • Address: Orhantepe Mah. Çınar Cad. No:19C KARTAL/ISTANBUL
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Tel: 05330847201
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